Our Story

We want to tell you a little story about our doughnut whisperer, how this all began, it begins with Stephanie Reid. 

Stephanie used to deliver donuts once a month to our home in Chester. She would post the area code she drove to that week on her Instagram page and once every four weeks our postcode fell into her route.

Sometimes she came on her own, sometimes she came with her children, sometimes if she didn’t have enough time in the day her children came instead. But always without fail, they delivered and always without fail, they were incredible. We remember feeling frustrated & confused as to why she couldn’t come more? Then on that one day of the month we stopped her on our door step and decided to ask her just that. We asked her why she doesn’t just open up a stand or store somewhere near? (preferably next door to us) We asked her why she doesn’t deliver every week, scrap that, every day, why only monthly??? She laughed and told us she’d love to but she just didn’t have the time to match the demand, that and the costs were way too much. She then went on to tell us that what she was doing was making her happy. She gets by, but more importantly than all of that, she was happy. We remember thinking ‘wow, what a lovely thing to say’. We forget that sometimes. Sometimes we get so caught up in the chase, we forget why we got into it in the first place, we forget to be happy, to enjoy ourselves.

So we told her to set aside some time next month because wanted to talk to her about maybe getting more deliveries, and making it worth her while. The following month, during the pandemic of 2020, lockdown 1, she met us in our garden (social distancing of course) and we asked her why she got into this game? She told me it started off with just trying to show people that you don’t need dairy to make delicious produce. She wanted to give people a choice. She wanted to show them an alternative, to raise awareness. Stephanie told us she loved, making people like ourselves smile.

We loved that. We asked her if she was interested in expanding her company, In spreading her ethos, her recipe to more people? She said she’d love to but didn’t know how to start. We told her she just has. Right here, right now, in this garden, we’ve started. We’ve started something good; something special.

The Doughnut Whisperer.